DUI Lawyers & drunk driving Attorney help

Your Florida DL at stake

Getting your license under perfect circumstances is tough enough. In Tampa area department of motor vehicle offices the waits can be up to 3 hours long. Now if you have a DUI your driving privilege gets even tougher to enjoy or it may be totally revoked. You may just have a few days to request a hearing or take any action to try to minimize the legal damage. We really advice people to get legal counsel as soon as humanly possible. Tampa Florida cops don’t play around with drivers dealing with a DUI.

Everyone has Legal Rights In Tampa

IT IS IMPERATIVE – Do not give up your rights. You have the legal right to speak to an attorney. Keep in mind that not all attorneys are created equal. Don’t risk a bundle of potential charges to stick to your record if you can help it. Things may range from a misdemeanor to possibly even a felony depending on circumstances and Blood alcohol content. Tampa has about four hundred thousand people living here. Tampa also has a huge amount of tourist traffic coming in from all parts of the world. Tampa can be a dangerous city so one must be careful to drive in.

Why are there so many Dwi attorneys in Tampa Bay?

The fun Tampa nightlife also makes DUI traffic stops more common than they should. Many people like to go out and have a drink. Many people feel fine and really do not believe they are impaired. However, the law is the law. Thus, the law of the land rules and one must abide by it.

Driving while Intoxicated has consequenses

The consequences can be very expensive. They can range from a costly court battle to the individual doing jail time for a long long time. Some people have to use savings accounts that have been in the making for years if not decades. Other people end up selling a rental home or perhaps even selling their home to an investor. Of course this is not always feasible but if a person has a large amount of equity sometimes they see that as a realistic alternative to spending a long time in jail for not getting adequate counseling. Here is one quick cash home buyers that clearly explains how one can sell their equity fast.

Again, DUI’s are no laughing matter. The only and best way to plan for a DUI is to plan not to drink and drive at all. If you have a plan such as a designated driver you can avoid consequences ranging from costly fines to jail time or even ending up with a manslaughter charge. Uber has made it amazingly easy to get a plan. With their fares typically much lower than Tampa Taxi cabs they are a real and easy backup plan in case your DD is not available. They are also usually fast and the mobile app makes it them readily accessible. It makes sense to pay for years worth of Uber versus one DUI. I know you have heard it before but it just is not worth it. There are also organizations that can provide a free ride. This is especially true to military personnel.

Tampa, FL is a great place to drive in and around. However, don’t drink and drive. But if that is what your are facing it is better to face it with a strong arm by your side. Read more on WHAT TO EXPECT IN A DUI STOP TAMPA EDITION blogpost.